Stendhal X presents: God of Carnage

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Stendhal X will be visiting FSR, presenting their production of "God of Carnage" this May! Two sets of parents, one of whoms child has hurt the other at a public park,
agree to meet to discuss the matter i
n a civilized manner. However, as the
evening goes on,
the parents become increasingly childish, resulting in the evening devolving into chaos.

May 10th-13th @ 8 PM - THE FREESTANDING ROOM

We Are One presents Smackhead at FSR

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We Are One is proud to present the World Premiere of "Smackhead" by Nastasia Pappas-Kemps this March. 

We Are One is a Montreal based feminist theatre company. The company was created with the goal of inclusivity and accessibility; specifically with the intention of giving women the opportunity to play diverse, challenging and powerful roles.

"Smackhead" is about a recovering heroin addict, Ramona. She has taken it upon herself to advocate for the removal of morphine from hospitals across Canada, beginning with Sick Kids hospital in Toronto, where she is completing her residency as a paediatric nurse. It is there that she meets Faith, a young girl with uterine cancer, hellbent on completing her final cinematic masterpiece: a complete recreation of the hit movie musical, Singin’ in the Rain. It is through Faith that Ramona is finally able to confront and face her demons, beginning with a re-examination of her past love, her drug dealer, Max Foster.

March 1st at 8PM
March 2nd at 8PM
March 3rd at 8PM
March 4th at 8PM
March 8th at 8PM
March 9th at 8PM
March10th at 2PM
March 10th at 8PM
March 11th at 8PM

Little Charming at FSR

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Little Charming is just a regular little boy, who loves his family. But one day, his parents are taken away by giant monsters! Join Little Charming as he adventures through the land of Ima-gi-na-tion, where he meets characters who teach him a few things along the way. There is a Nurse, a Farmer, a Witch, Queen Charming, King Charming, a Moon, and even his brother, the one and only, Prince Charming.

Using puppets, poetry and physical theatre, Laurent McCuaig-Pitre crafts a new fairytale, "Little Charming", that will tickle, transport and enchant all ages.

Thursday February 8th @ 8pm
Friday February 9th @ 8pm
Saturday February 10th @ 4pm & 8pm
Sunday February 11th @ 8pm

Thursday February 15th @ 8pm
Friday February 16th @ 8pm
Saturday February 17th @ 4pm & 8pm
Sunday February 18th @ 8pm

$15 - General
$12 - Student/Artist/QDF
Tickets are available online or at the door.

Buy online:

FB Event:

Amuse Me at FSR

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Amuse Me

Coming up at FSR!:

When the Muse is accidentally summoned into the world by deadbeat writer John Doe, he will stop at nothing to harness Muse’s lucrative creative potential. Can creativity be used, consumed or controlled? Or is freedom the catalyst for artistic expression?

Thursday December 7th @ 8pm
Friday December 8th @ 8pm
Saturday December 9th @ 4pm & 8pm
Sunday December 10th @ 8pm

Thursday December 14th @ 8pm
Friday December 15th @ 8pm
Saturday December 16th @ 4pm & 8pm
Sunday December 17th @ 8pm

Invasive Species at FSR

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Blue Ox Productions Present's the remount of the Montreal Fringe smash hit, Invasive Species, written and performed by Gabriel Schultz. Winner of the Freestanding Room Award at the 2017 St.Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival, the ecological thriller that the Montreal Gazette called "an icky slick of Southern Gothic" returns more sticky and slimier than ever before.

TICKETS- $15 (regular) $12 (Student and QDF)
November 16th-18th+22nd-25th @8:00 PM
November 18th and 25th 2:00 PM

In Invasive Species we ride on board Train 49 with Junior, a professional toad hunter and raging venom addict. Now in this sweaty, southern, bourbon-soaked universe, we are absorbed into his tormented fantasy and his vengeful obsession with the Cane Toad: the most invasive amphibian on planet Earth.

Director-Stephanie Costa
Performer/Writer- Gabriel Schultz
Performer-Darragh Mondoux
Set/Lighting-Zoe Roux
Costumes-Sophie El-Assaad
Music-Gabriel Frank
Sound-Devon Bate
Stage Manager-Lyanna Labelle-Rocha
Marketing-Sage Szkarbarnicki-Stuart
Dialect Coach-Jillian Harris

Pete Seeger's The Incompleat Folksinger - Oct. 26-28

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Pete Seeger's The Incompleat Folksinger, with Mark Hellman
Directed by Ross Desprez*
October 26 – 28, 2017 (Thurs/Fri 8pm, Sat 2pm/8pm)
Tickets: $20, Children under 12 FREE (reservations required)

Actor, musician, independent producer, and former Montrealer, Mark Hellman is delighted to return
to his favourite city in Canada, bringing his rollicking tour de force tribute to the late, great
folksinger, social activist, and global citizen, Pete Seeger, to Montreal for 3 DAYS ONLY at
Espace Freestanding Room.

Pete Seeger was a key figure in the mid-20th century global folk music revival. He sang in defence
of the poor, the oppressed, and the exploited; and always to enliven and encourage, to delight, and
to tell tales. This unique full-length solo performance (adapted from Seeger's 1972 autobiography of
the same name) combines verbatim theatre, story telling, music, and audience participation (for
which Seeger was perhaps most famous),taking the audience on a journey spanning 35 years (1935-
70) and featuring all or part of 29 songs. Seeger reflects on his involvement in the union
movement, WWII, his stand against McCarthyism (HUAC), his participation on the front lines of
the Civil Rights Movement, and his travels to conflict zones overseas, while honouring some of his
greatest inspirations: Woody Guthrie, Lee Hays, Leadbelly, Martin Luther King, and the love of his
life, Toshi Ohta. Invited to sing at every turn, the audience is completely engaged and embedded in
the performance, and by the finale of “If I Had a Hammer” audience and performer merge into a
mass choir, embodying the principle that Seeger lived through his life and art: “Participation. That’s
what’s gonna save the human race.”

Untitled Post

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Like clockwork, June means the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival is back and we're happy to be an OFF venue for the festival once again! We're hosting three shows between June 1st and June 18th:

- Memento Mori - June 1-17
A support group for the dead. A safe space where the dearly departed are encouraged to share their life (and afterlife) experiences as they journey towards the light. Free coffee, tea and baked goods offered upon arrival. A new immersive theatre piece from the creator of the Captain Aurora musicals. Written by FSR member Trevor Barrette.

- Mouth to Mouth - June 9 to June 18
A dark new comedy. Actions have their consequences. So does inaction. When alpha-couple Iris and Adrian vacation at the English seaside, their comfortable life is suddenly blown apart. A strange encounter with a local schoolteacher. A near-death experience. The deeper the secrets, the easier it is to drown in them. Written by FSR member Ned Cox.

- OSCAR - June 3 to June 18

girl gone wilde.

FSR members Johanna Nutter (My Pregnant Brother/My Playwright Sister) and Joseph Shragge (Fuck You! You Fucking Perv!, Bar Kapra) bring late-night fringers and fairy tales face-to-face in the hopes of creating something new in performance.

a rough draft party.


BNP presents: Bright Half Life (August 18-28)

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Brave New Productions is proud to partner with We Are One to present the Canadian Premiere of "Bright Half Life" (Winner of the 2016 Lambda Literary Award for Best Play) by Tanya Barfield. You will be immersed in a moving love story that spans decades in an instant—from marriage, children, skydiving, and the infinite moments that make a life together.

The Freestanding Room (4324 Blvd St Laurent) is an intimate performance space with very limited seating, reservations will be recommended.

All shows start at 8 PM Sharp. Latecomers cannot be accepted and doors open 10 minutes prior to showtime. Shows run every night from August 18-21, then August 24-28 (the 18th is a preview performance).

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/606486042861834/
BNP's website: https://www.bravenewproductions.com/

I'm Not Here benefit previews

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Composite Theatre Co. is taking I'm Not Here to SummerWorks Performance Festival and you can help them get there!  At the end of their rehearsals here in Montreal, they will be opening up the doors to let you come see the work that they're bringing to Toronto in August. These are preview performances and are a part of the rehearsal process, certain elements of the design and performances may not yet be complete. The benefit previews are PWYD (pay what you decide) with all proceeds going towards offsetting the costs of taking this show to SummerWorks. The piece is translated by FSR member Alexis Diamond and directed by FSR admin Jen Quinn.

Seating is limited so reservations are strongly recommended. To make your reservation, email: info@compositetheatre.org.

Friday July 29th at 8pm
Saturday July 30th at 4pm
Saturday July 30th at 8pm
Sunday July 31st at 8pm

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/157758894635185/
Composite Theatre Co. website: http://compositetheatre.com/

The Fringe Fest Returns to FSR!

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Like clockwork, June means the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival is back and we're happy to be an OFF venue for the festival once again! We're hosting three shows between June 2nd and June 19th:

- Origin: A Story Through Song - June 2-19
Origin tells the story of fall from grace and coming of age through song and movement. The songs will be performed in a raw A Cappella fashion with strong Blues undercurrents, alternating between solos and harmonies and using the environment and body to create a compelling and immersive experience. Produced by and starring FSR member Caroline Gauthier (eagle-eyed readers may remember that she put up a shorter version of this piece at the ShortStanding Festival back in February).

- The Passage - June 2 to June 18
At the height of the Klondike Gold Rush, Nellie Garner becomes the first woman to attempt the Edmonton trail to the Yukon. As she confronts the great risks involved in seeking great fortune, the journey becomes a test of her bravery and ambition - and her will to survive. Produced and starring FSR member Jen Viens, this piece is another that graduated from our ShortStanding Festival (the 2015 edition, in this case).

- Atomic City - June 3 to June 18
Jeff Gandell invades the room to bring us this mad, historical piece. In a secret city developing a new weapon to end World War II, a scientist and his assistant plunge into a forbidden love affair. They soon discover that there are some endeavors more volatile than splitting the atom. And just as explosive.

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