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Freestanding's biggest Fringe yet: three shows at the Freestanding Room for you to enjoy

posted 8 Jun 2011, 14:48 by fsr admin   [ updated 8 Jun 2011, 14:54 ]
The Fringe can be overwhelming.  
But Freestanding's got your back: with our 2011 Guide to the Fringe, you can't go wrong!  

1) Freestanding's biggest Fringe yet: three shows at the Freestanding Room for you to enjoy
2) Freestanding members spill out into the streets: Freestanders elsewhere during the Fringe
3) Blasts from the past: Freestanding alumni performing at the Fringe

Happy Fringe, everyone!


1) Three shows at the Freestanding Room!

Sheep in Fog presents
The Birth of Weza or Go F@#k Your Mother

Written by Joanne Sarazen. Directed by Tamara Brown

Featuring: Owen Clark, Catherine Lemieux, Mike Payette, and Lindsay Wilson.


Tom is going to die. Susan is going to restore balance. Eleanor can’t write. Will’s not sure he ever could. From the company that brought you Puck Bunny and Jesus Jello: The Miraculous Confection, comes a new play that endeavours to answer the age old question: “Why won’t you give me a f@#ing baby already?”

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and ...

THE BEAST presents
So We Thought We Could Act

Join two bitter old actresses as they travel through time trying to save their souls in this new MUSICAL COMEDY!


Brought to you by THE BEAST productions and starring Helen Prandekas and Rena Hundert, frisky musical comedy So We Thought We Could Act will try to answer the age-old question: Is it really never too late to get your first paid acting job?

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and ... !

Hearts4Noses presents
Blink Blink Blink

A new dark comedy created by Kirsten Rasmussen

Music by Jeff Louch

A motivational speaker is touring her new book "Skin the Bunny: An Aggressive Approach to Claiming Back Your Life." across Canada giving two day workshops to teach her new breaking edge self help theories. In a parallel world, a regular Bunny has to face his fears and his bullies if he wants to live up to his father's legacy. In this dark comedy the worlds of motivational speaker and bunny collide head on, altering both of their lives forever.

Montreal's Improv Queen Kirsten Rasmussen plays both woman and bunny in this tragic and hilarious tale. There will be song, there will be dance… there will be bunny.

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2) Freestanding members elsewhere!

Stephanie Coco-Palermo directs Being Earnest and performs in Here's to Love

Chris Nachaj performs in HOW WE WENT TO MARS

Nadia Verrucci performs in Remember Ezra


3) Freestanding alumni elsewhere

Nichole Carlone directs EDGES: A Song Cycle

Howard Rosenstein performs in Suspended Pieces

Jacqueline Van der Geer directs and Caroline Gauthier performs in How to Become Jayee

Brett Watson performs in Teaching Hamlet