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Harvest VI: The Montreal International LGBT Theatre Festival

posted 5 Oct 2010, 20:32 by fsr admin
This season Harvest VI (an associate event of the BBCM Black & Blue XX October 6-12) returns with four productions that salute the L-word: women & lesbians from past to present.

The Second Coming of Joan of Arc
, a play by Carolyn Gage, performed by Caitie Parsons, (4 performances presented in French & English)

Cyma’s Story, written & performed by Barbara Kahn from NYC, about a Jewish pioneer in the old mid-west (3 performances in English)

DV, a creation by Jacqueline Van de Geer from Holland, inspired by the life and career of the eccentric Diane Vreeland, Editor of Harper's Bazaar & Vogue (4 performances presented in French & English)

And a live intimate lounge concert with musician Pamela Pachal & Dirty.

All presented between October 7 and 10 at the Freestanding Room, 4324 St-Laurent 3rd floor. Make advance reservations at www.atuvu.ca or info@villagescene.com.

VSP extends a thank you to our partners this 10th season: Fondation Émergence; BBCM XX Black & Blue; Fugues Magazine; Freestanding Room; Quebec Drama Federation.

Check out the great preview for Harvest VI on Rover Arts:

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