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Home/Chez Moi: Freestanding opens its doors for Journées de la culture

posted 27 Sep 2011, 18:27 by fsr admin
Home/Chez Moi is a communal project about what the idea of Home and Montreal means to us.


Join us during Journées de la Culture where you can drop in and read, watch, or listen to stories told for an audience of one. We invite you to tell your own story about Montreal. We’ll show you how you can write, draw, record, or tell your own story to leave behind for someone else. Stay anonymous or sign your story. The choice is yours. The stories are yours.


We want to hear from you. What does Montreal and its streets mean to you? Is it home? Do specific areas of the city hold special memories for you? How did you find yourself here or are you a born and bred Montrealer? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Do you have that infamous love/hate relationship with the city? What keeps you here and what makes you want to leave?

You can submit your story in advance or come by the Freestanding Room and experience it yourself.


This is part of a on-going project that will continue to expand and evolve over the coming months. We’ll collect the stories and archive them on this website. Come back often to experience new stories and leave your own.


Bring a story, take a story.


Suitable for all ages.


Friday September 30th from 12pm to 4pm and 6pm to 9pm
Saturday October 1st from 12pm to 4pm

Sunday October 2nd from 12pm to 4pm 

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