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posted 6 May 2010, 18:06 by fsr admin
1) Confabulation -- Thursday May 6, 8pm

Ladies and gentlemen, you are all invited to this special evening, dedicated to true stories. Welcome to Confabulation!

Confabulation is a show about stories. All kinds of stories. Funny, touching, surprising... all true, though. And these stories are told by people. All kinds of people. Doctors. Boxers. Actors. Students. Grandmothers. You. Anybody. All real people, though. People telling true, life stories, without any notes, props or gimmicks.

This first show will be themed around -- appropriately and originally -- Firsts. Starting out; starting over; beginnings and re-beginnings.

Doors open at 7:30; the show begins at 8!  Featuring: Johanna Nutter, Melissa Thompson, Dan Beirne, and others!

At the Freestanding Room, 4324 Saint-Laurent, 3rd Floor.

More info: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=108515579185894&ref=ss

2) Dance Animal Presents: Monologues and Martinis -- Friday May 7, 9pm

Hello Dance FANimals!! … we are writing to invite you all to Dance Animal’s first-ever fundraising party: “Dance Animal Presents: MONOLOGUES AND MARTINIS” at the Freestanding Room on Friday, May 7th.

That’s right FANimals, be amongst the first people to meet our NEW Animals and hear the monologues they are preparing for the Toronto Fringe and Zoofest versions of “Dance Animal Presents: Dance Animal”. Dance Salmon, Dance Hippo, Dance Gecko will also be performing. Dance Wolf will be hosting the evening. And you can catch Dance Tiger behind the bar mixing up some fierce martinis!

The door (and bar) will open at 9:00pm. $5 entry fee. Monologues will begin at 10:00pm. After that, its all about the sweet dance party until the wee hours.

At the Freestanding Room, 4324 Saint-Laurent, 3rd Floor.

More info: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=121797424500052

3) Mission Drive, running at MainLine from May 5-15. 

Finally, don't miss Freestander Ned Cox's new play Mission Drive, running at MainLine from May 5-15.  More info: http://www.mainlinetheatre.ca/