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Monica Hamburg Presents

posted 4 Mar 2020, 15:36 by fsr admin   [ updated 4 Mar 2020, 15:38 ]
Monica Hamburg Presents - Various dates in March 

Comedian and FSR member Monica Hamburg Presents a series of new, evolving & experimental comedy shows at 
Espace Freestanding Room - which continues this month. Experience how they’ll develop over time. What concepts will be the most fun? Which will turn into a regular show? Will she collapse during the 8th show? Laugh as you find out! 

March Shows

Fri, March 6 at 8pm

-MOM OFF – co-production with Peter J. Radomski-

Whose mom is the most infuriating? Peter and I get guests to demonstrate how frustrating their mothers are – through material they bring as proof and challenges we make them do. (Guests: Karl Knox, Mason Terry & Viveth Kanagaratnam) (Tickets $10)

Fri, March 13 at 8pm

-The Work Jerk-

A show about Job Insanity: Comics do a set about weird jobs, weird coworkers & other job strangeness – and then I ask them painful interview questions (Guests: Jason Celin, Erica Taddeo, Paul Ash, Kathy Slamen, AJ Young) (Tickets $5)

Fri, March 20 at 8pm 

-Hurtful Fortune Cookies-

Bullied by a cookie! We’ve all received brutal and bizarre fortune cookie fortunes. We’ll** share them. And discuss the fun/pain of the cookie. (Guests: Hart Less, Jason Grimmer, Ines Anaya, Lucy Gervais, Ben Cardilli) (Tickets $5) 

Sat, March 28 at 7pm

-Please Elaborate (2)-

Comics do a set about strange occurrences in their life & then we ask them questions. (Guests: Alex Wood, Kara Parham, Spencer Reid, Michelle Dominique) (Tickets $5)

Eventbrite here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/monica-hamburg-presents-comedy-shows-february-march-2020-tickets-92384126409
More about Monica here: MonicaHamburg.com  
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