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ShortStanding – Festival of Short Performances

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ShortStanding – Festival of Short Performances

February 12th – 23rd 2014

The Freestanding Room is proud to present its inaugural ShortStanding Festival of Short Performances.  The autonomous members of the Freestanding Room have gotten together to offer you two separate evenings of programming.  With 8 performances in total, all clocking in at 30 minutes or less, the range varies from an absurdist comedy to a poetry reading; from a sneak peek at a new musical, to an experiment with Ancient Greek lyric poetry, to a monologue and so much more.  You can catch 4 of the 8 performances in one evening, and for a special price, you can come back and enjoy the other 4 shows on another night.

The Freestanding Room is a collection of creators who believe that big things can happen in small places.  The individual artists that make up the Freestanding Room Membership often have their own companies and projects outside of this intimate space.  But it is here, within these walls, that they hone their craft and work on their upcoming creations.  The ShortStanding Festival of Short Performances was established as a means to bring our independent creators together, to encourage the inception of new works, to workshop projects already in progress, to give our members chance to showcase some of their fantastic work, and most of all, to bring the public into this little space that we call home; welcoming them with a few stories to warm them up on these cold winter nights.

Tickets: $15 (Regular), $12 (Discount), $20 for Two Nights

 Espace Freestanding Room

4324 Boulevard Saint-Laurent #300


(514) 418-1848


The Shows:

A Call to Action (Uncanny Theatre Company)

Jamie Jones has a plan to catch a local predator and become a (super)hero to the masses. This plan involves him dressing as a woman and intercepting the criminal on a seedy downtown street. How did a once normal man come to think this was a good idea? He’ll explain.

Artistic Collaborators: Jonathan Fournier (Writer and Director), Lex Youssef (Performer)


The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service (Sarah Stupar)

Robert Service was an English poet who lived in and wrote about the Yukon.  He was inspired by the Klondike Gold Rush and many of his poems were widely circulated at the time of their publication.  The Cremation of Sam McGee is one of his most widely known works.  Along with reciting the poem, Sarah will share some facts about its conception and the life and work of Robert Service.

Artistic Collaborators:  Sarah Stupar (Performer)


Ephemer-ills (Oimoi Productions)

Ephemer-ills is an experimental piece featuring two performers, Lynn and Carina,

responding to Ancient Greek lyric poetry and its themes. No two performance is the same. But each performance responds to the poetry and represents a relationship in flux in a way that is engaging to a small audience.

Artistic Collaborators: Lynn Kozak (Co-creator and Performer), Carina de Klerk (Co-creator and Performer)


Grapefruit (Bazooka Theatre)

It’s teatime at the Vale’s but Dianne is unhappy and unfulfilled.  With Max’s encouragement, social taboos are broken and scandal ensues.  This absurdist comedy reminds us to live our lives our way and to take the time to savor some grapefruit.

Artistic Collaborators: Jen Quinn (Director), Alastair Mckay (Writer and Performer), Sterling Mawhinney (Performer), Nic Turcotte (Performer), Katherine Turnbull (Performer), Marie Claude Belley (Designer)


Home Intrusion (Savage Kid Theatre Company)

Never talk to strangers.  Always lock your front door.  The Millers can't come to the phone right now - please leave a message after the beep.  Home Intrusion. Three's a crowd.

Artistic Collaborators: Ned Cox (Writer), Alexandria Haber (Writer and Performer), Tanner Harvey (Director)


Magic Sunday Presents: The Entertainer (Magic Sunday)

Deux inconnus discover a strange message as well as some strange contraptions in a strange room. As they try to solve the mystery they are pushed into a chain of absurd, dramatic, acrobatic and entertaining situations. A commentary on the value of experimentation and facing circumstances we don’t understand.

Artistic Collaborators: Erin Hall (Writer, Designer, Performer, Musician), Frédéric Cordier (Writer, Designer, Performer, Musician)


Skinny (Barnt Productions)

Two selves can sometimes be more effective than one. Hiding inside placid, servile, depressive Fatty is mischievous, clever, covert Skinny, Fatty’s second self. Skinny cheerfully awaits a moment when she can use her special powers to seize control of Fatty’s sub-conscious in order to take revenge on their enemies.

Artistic Collaborators: Jane Gilchrist (Author and Performer), Jacqueline van de Geer (Dramaturge and Director)


Trixie Parker Finds a Boyfriend: The Musical (Composite Theatre Co.)

Dumped, homeless, jobless and desperate, heartbroken copywriter Trixie Parker gets a job at Heart’s Delight, a start-up online singles’ site. A satire about the commodification of love, Trixie Parker Finds a Boyfriend: The Musical looks at the dangers that lurk when love is for sale.

Artistic Collaborators: Alexis Diamond (Book and Lyrics), Nick Carpenter (Music and Musical Direction)

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