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The 3rd annual ShortStanding Festival of Short Performances

posted 26 Jan 2016, 18:42 by fsr admin   [ updated 8 Feb 2016, 13:00 ]

Espace Freestanding Room
Present / Presents
Festival of Short Performances
Festival de Performances Courtes

Our 3rd annual little-festival-that-could and it's our biggest one yet! We've got so many short performances this year that we had to program them into 3 different line-ups! En plus, on est vraiment exciter d’annoncer qu’on a même quelques performances francophones dans la mêlée! And if that's not enough to get you excited about this year’s festival, we've also added some special one-off events!

Billetterie / Box Office :
514 - 418 – 1848
Tickets / Billets : ...
$18 regular / $15 discount / $25 two nights / $33 three nights

*** LINE-UP C ***

* City Boy (Plaid Thursday Productions)
City Boy is the story of Max, who returns home to celebrate his sister's engagement. After living a free life away from the farm, he has made a self discovery that he is determined to share. The play explores the question, What is more important: your values or a family's unconditional love?

* Apprendre à nager (Théâtre Bazooka)
Quand les préjugés de son père sont révélés, un jeune garçon apprend que le monde est pas si simple qu'il le pensait. Aideriez-vous l'homme en besoin ou fermeriez-vous les yeux?

* Hysteria! (The orange eyes)
Hysteria/Peeling madness is a non-lineair work -in -progress by Jacqueline van de Geer. The piece is loosely inspired by The yellow wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, european fairy-tales and personal memories of my mother, who suffered post -partum-depression after I was born.

* Pie(lot) Fragmented (WhyNotNowProductions)
Just how Much Pie is there?
Will you even be here to enjoy your share?

* Have You Seen My Monster? (Lightning in a Bottle Theatre)
Grace and Joy are enjoying a cocktail in their idyllic suburban homes circa 1963. But all is not how it seems. Guilt and friendship can sometimes be a deadly combination.

* À tout prix (Théâtre Cent Bon Sens)
Un bureau de Poste Canada. Trois hommes, un colis, aucunes issues. « Un bourbier où la chair déchire la chair, le sang abreuve le sang. »

*** LINE-UP D ***

* Between the Lines with Nic & Co (Re:Stage)
Pointing an enthusiastic and inquisitive eye at the evening’s performances, Nic from Re:Stage Reviews will be your guide for the evening, talking briefly around the edges of the myriad styles and themes presented before you.

* Subtraction (Uncanny Theatre Company)
A family is devastated after a child’s near-death experience leaves her homebound. As the parents do their best to cope, they become increasingly forgetful and are shocked by the apparent cause.

* Swimming Lesson (Bazooka Theatre)
As his father’s prejudices are revealed, a young boy learns that the world is not as straightforward as he thought. Would you help the man in need or turn a blind eye?

* A is for Arsenic (Rabbit in a Hat Productions)
Three unlikely women are drawn together by a sinister circumstance putting a triple dose of femme fatale in this film noir misadventure.

* Origin (Caroline Gauthier)
Origin tells the story of young heartbreak through song and movement. It is the first draft of a performance that will hopefully have a long and varied artistic evolution.

* boKa (Possiblement Théâtre)
Birth of boKa. The clown awakens to its new world. It will risk a small step for a clown, trying not to get hit in the face by the giant leap of mankind. boKa will find itself facing simple choices that will later define what it is.

*** LINE-UP E ***

* My Favourite Deaths (Oimoi Productions)
Lynn Kozak mixes performance and improvisation in tackling the Iliad’s deaths—her favourite deaths—focusing on a different character each show.

* The Psychology of Plants (That's What She Said Productions)
What is the perfect woman? Does she exist? Is she French? Is she effortlessly graceful with rock hard abs? Rue Hazell examines this as she painstakingly prepares for her office's annual beauty pageant.

* Empty Rooms (BullPen Productions)
A want-to-be actor comes home for his mother’s wake, where he’s forced to deal with his grief and guilt, all the while confronted by his estranged twin sister.

* A Weekend Away (Ad Hoc Theatre Collective)
Coupledom, children, house, work, housework...All work and no play. Is grown up life supposed to be like this? Can we take a break? Can we have some fun?

* Miranda and Dave Begin Again (Gender Rubble Collective)
Miranda is curating a used underwear archive. Her boyfriend Dave is experimenting with stalking women. Her sister Eden is tired of just giving blowjobs. Is this the end, or just the beginning?

* Musical Excerpts from Captain Aurora II: A New Dawn (Kaleidoscope Theatre Montreal)
After sold-out performances at the Montreal Fringe and Wildside Theatre Festivals, the superhero musical saga continues. Catch a glimpse of the all-new adventure starring Captain Aurora and the SkyGuard. #spoileralert

*** ONE-OFFS ***

* State of the Onion: Peeling Back the Layers of the Montreal Theatre Scene
Using the collective minds of a diverse array of talented Montreal theatre-makers, this panel discussion is an opportunity to crack the egg and see how it cooks. Hear from creators and have them hear you in this unique opportunity to dig deep into the heart of Montreal theatre.

* Tragic Saturday Afternoon (Oimoi Productions)
Tragic Saturday Afternoon- come and read a play out loud together with us (H.D.'s Choruses from Iphigenia in Aulis). There will be beer. And chips. And fun.

* Wake Up Sleeping Beauty! (The Live Action Theatre Project)
“WAKE UP SLEEPING BEAUTY!” explores a classic fairy tale with a twist. Our audience teams up to wake the Princess and take ACTION to save herself and her Kingdom! Designed for kids ages 6-12 but entertaining for all audiences.

* Chaos Theory: Phase One: Early Trials' (an experiment) by Ned Cox
Twenty-six years after conceiving Chaos Theory, Ned Cox & Co will again be using pure chance to create a piece for actors and dancers. Cards, dice, coin-filps -- everything adds to The Chaos