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The Fringe comes to Freestanding

posted 12 Jun 2012, 08:09 by fsr admin   [ updated 12 Jun 2012, 10:18 ]
At the Freestanding Room ...

Savage Kid Theatre Co. presents
Ghostly Tales

Directed by Alain Goulem
Starring Danielle Desormeaux, Alain Goulem, and Kent Waters
Devised by the Company, with Ned Cox and Alexandria Haber

Tales to make your skin crawl, in the funnest possible way... Ghost stories by M R James, H H Munro ("Saki"), Alexandria Haber, Ned Cox, Edith Wharton and more. GHOSTLY TALES is presented as a re-creation of a moment in Canadian radio history. It is the 19th of September in 1941, and The Dominion Theatre of the Air, a weekly drama program helmed by that great thespian, Mr Stafford Kane, has taken on commercial sponsorship -- courtesy of the makers of WINGS CIGARETTES! Mr Kane is not happy.

More info :http://www.facebook.com/events/309295165824418/

and ...

Uncanny Theatre Company presents
Miner Inconvenience

Written and directed by Jonathan Fournier
Starring Brian Degrace and Santiago Espinosa

A dark comedy about two miners forced to deal with each other after being trapped in a cave-in. Miner Inconvenience is a completely fictional account, very loosely based on the Chilean mining disaster of 2010. It’s the story of Mario Ticona and Santos Martinez, an experienced mining foreman and a rebellious young worker. A typical day becomes the start of a two month ordeal when a cave-in confines the men to a small part of the mine. Plunged in darkness, they rely on a pair of flashlights to see each other and their surroundings. With nowhere to go, they have nothing but time to reflect on how trapped they are; both in the mine and in their lives. Can they persevere or will they opt to take an easier way out?

More info: http://www.facebook.com/events/438004749544754/

Freestanders elsewhere ...

Jane Gilchrist
performs in her play Out of the Fog: http://outofthefog.weebly.com/

Tanner Harvey directs Ethereal Tribal: http://www.facebook.com/events/305326382881730/

Johanna Nutter
performs in Hippolytos: http://www.facebook.com/events/178564422269092/

Crystle Reid
directs Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: http://montrealfringe.ca/en/show/alice’s-adventures-wonderland

Jeremy Taylor
directs Kissed by a Butterfly: http://www.facebook.com/events/452986644731140/

Liz Truchanowicz directs Dreaming in Autism: http://www.montrealfringe.ca/en/show/dreaming-autism

Freestanding alumni around the Fringe ...

Nichole George directs Nothing Never Happens in Norway: http://www.facebook.com/events/290399801053780/

Kirsten Rasmussen performs in her play TOUGH!: https://www.facebook.com/events/214924331958821/

Davyn Ryall's Bathhouse BoYces take part in the Drag Races: http://www.montrealfringe.ca/en/show/drag-races-la-course-en-drag

Jacqueline van de Geer directs Out of the Fog: http://outofthefog.weebly.com/