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Infrastructure Fundraiser

Espace Freestanding Room is getting hot and heavy with the sexiest of fundraising categories: infrastructure.

Oh. Yes.

We're raising $10 000 for five fiery infrastructure investments:

The Story

This past April, Espace Freestanding Room opened its doors to a new, second studio and dedicated storage area. This unexpected, exciting, and overall, rather welcome opportunity engendered a swathe of changes, updates and new dreams...

Along with the new studio, we adapted a new booking system, updated the website, offered new membership options, installed high-speed internet, and did some work on the climate control.

All of this was made possible thanks to the input, support and volunteer efforts of the community. Truly proving that big things can happen in small spaces.

But our work is not done. Surveys, interviews and discussions have made it clear that Montreal's independent artistic community is seeking a studio that supports dance, movement and physical theatre.

So that's what we're doing.

This year's fundraiser is dedicated to improving the infrastructure of our newest studio: Studio B. With improvements to the flooring, electrical capacity, sound proofing and the installation of full length mirrors, Espace Freestanding Room will proudly support the dance and movement community. All while maintaining affordable rental rates and membership options.

Your support will ensure that there is a financially accessible studio available for years to come.

Together, we can make big things happen in small spaces ;)

Yes. Infrastructure can be sexy.

We need $10 000 to do everything we want to do.

But, my mother always said, "one thing at a time".

So, below are the 5 infrastructure investments we are working towards in order of importance and implementation.

This ain't an all or nothing campaign.

Each successful portion raised, means a successful investment made!

Check out the details for each:

1) Sprung Wood Flooring


Thanks to a generous donation of vinyl Marley top layer (valued at ~$3000!), we're raising funds for the beauty beneath: sprung wood flooring.

This will allow dancers, physical theatre performers, movement artists, and stage combat specialists to safely and comfortably work on a supportive, shock absorbing floor!

2) Electrical Upgrades


Outlets are often taken for granted. But they deserve all the respect they can get. It's time to move on from the codependent relationship with all those extension cords and get to the heart of the matter: we need to plug in directly to the source.

With this sultry investment we will ensure sufficient electrical connectivity in our studios by increasing the number of electrical outlets available.

3) Acoustic Improvements


Looking for something that isn't an echo chamber? Let's make Studio B that intimate, cozy and acoustically alluring space it always wanted to be.

This sweet investment will cover the purchase and installation of new curtains affording privacy and intimacy - by way of sound proofing and dampening. And, if we're lucky, perhaps even an addition of modular sound panels, too!

Plus, for those who prefer a space sans reflections, these curtains will cover up those pesky dance mirrors! (more info on that below).

4) Full Length Dance Mirrors


For the narcissist within, and the creator who needs to see their reflection for purely artistic purposes, as well.

One humble wall of full length glassless dance mirrors.

I think the benefits are pretty self-explanatory.

5) aesthetics


Let's make the space cohesive. Quite simply, a coat or two of paint and any additional requirements necessary to bring the whole room together.

It's all about beauty in the end.