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Espace Freestanding Room is a volunteer-run non-profit organization providing versatile, affordable, and centrally-located studios for Montreal's performing arts community. We have a great respect and trust for creators; we offer a simple, flexible booking process with the freedom to create without restraint. Operating primarily on membership dues and outside rentals for over 12 years, Freestanding has remained a cornerstone of the Montreal performing arts community - a haven for creators to make big things happen in small places.


"The Freestanding Room is a collection of creators who believe that big things happen in small places. They like a good story and the chance to tell it fast and easy. Together, they tend The Freestanding Room: an intimate space used to sharpen their tools, corral their ideas, spin their yarns, and sooner rather than later, invite everyone hungry for a tale told simply and authentically to come sit around their fire."

- Johanna Nutter, Espace Freestanding Room Founder